the band


Daniele Lausdei - bass

Andrea Giuliani - guitars

Simone Serra - guitars

Roberto Ciai - drums



Short presentation

Lineateorica is an Italian band that proposes a music generally placed between the Italian prog, Italian folk and Italian pop/rock.

The influences, however, are rooted in a multitude of genres, in many cases very distant from the final result: from blues to psychedelia, from electronic music to metal, from jazz to pop. The individual preferences are often very different from each other but find a single mood while playing together.


Band history

The project starts in the early 90s with the name Praetermitteret, from an idea of Daniele Lausdei, the only member of the original lineup still in the band, and Alessandro Milza.

As a result of various entries and drop-outs, between 1997 and 1998, the band is re-formed with the entry of the drummer Roberto Ciai and the guitarists Andrea Giuliani and Simone Serra, still in the present lineup, in addition to Daniele, meanwhile switched from guitar to bass, and the singer Manuel Nardelli. With this lineup, the band initially proposes a repertoire of 3-4 own songs and some mixed covers (songs from Jethro Tull, Marillion and pop/rock bands).

A few years later, the band changes the name into Lineateorica and signs up the flutist and multi-instrumentalist Francesco Belfiore. After some live shows, the band decides to give up the covers and entirely dedicate his efforts to extend the repertoire of own songs, with an increasing “prog” attitude.

In 2005, the singer Pierluca Possamai joins the band. With him, the demo CD "Adesso” is recorded, containing four songs written in the years before, and the live experience is intensified. After more than two years, in 2008 the band decides to change the singer again. After exactly two years of auditions, in April 2010 Nello D'Agostino joins the band. After three years performing several live shows, 2013 is dedicated to record a self-produced 4-tracks EP, released on May 6, 2014, titled "Lineateorica", with Luca De Marchis as guest flutist.